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Nobody can save Games Workshop. Especially not you.


This is collective sound of the internet.

As it’s been nearly a year since Age of Sigmar has come out and Games Workshop’s yearly financials have been posted, it means I get to indulge in one of my favourite parts of the wargaming community; namely, observing armchair CEO’s discuss how to save the company. I’m here to ask why. Read more…

Brexit and the small UK wargames business

If you own or support small wargaming business in the UK, it’s worth reading this.

The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan

Whatever your views on the forthcoming EU referendum, whether you’re in favour or remaining in the EU or of leaving (Brexit), there are some quite simple repercussions of Brexit for the small UK wargames business – and it’s all to do with tax and tax collection.

There are two types of small UK wargames business: those that are not registered for value added tax (VAT), and those that are registered for VAT. As is apparent on wargames forums, the difference between a VAT-registered business and a non-registered business is not widely understood. The ones that are registered for VAT are in general larger: UK businesses must register for VAT if their annual turnover is more than £83,000. The consequence of that is that a VAT-registered wargames business must charge 20% VAT on toy soldiers for sales within the EU.

Currently, the free trade arrangement within the EU allows both types…

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In defence of Alex St. John (sort of)


I’m sure if you are inside it or merely a follower of news on the games industry, Alex St. John’s piece on how people are ungrateful about being in the games industry has caught your eye.

So in the same way I broke down the GCN acting like babies and unfairly shifting blame to Games Workshop, let’s tackle his article. And how it’s actually right in some of things it says. Read more…

I dont want your pity Stephen Fry.

This needs to be read and shows how even people considered ‘British Institutions’ should be challenged.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Content note for childhood sexual abuse, mentioned throughout and with details.

I had avoided the recent attack on survivors of childhood abuse, because ironically, of the way Stephen Fry chose to show he is a contemptible human being devoid of empathy and basic human compassion. You see I was abused by my uncle, for a sustained number of years, he not only “touched me in that nasty place” (and how much does that highlight the appalling attitude of so many cis gay men towards vulvas) but buggered, beat and abused me until I reached puberty. Then his “apology” came out, and for a moment I thought, well everyone makes mistakes, and when someone has a serious mental health condition I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately the apology was all about his distress, and showed no learning, so, I pulled this post out of drafts…

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I’m happy. Not content. Not ‘ok’. Actually happy. Which feels weird

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Something I’m working on

If you want to see what I’ve been up to of late, check out Opal City Insider, Blunt Instruments and Don’t Paint Like This!

In the meantime, here is a piece I’m still working on. It was part of a challenge given to me by my partner, who chose an object at random and had me write a story which featured them. In this case, four fence posts.

The first vampire died easily, shoved onto the sacrificial post.Vampire Hunter Kromlech, adjusted himself, keeping on his toes as he danced around the alter, batting away the bestial hoard with his silver gauntlets.

It had been a task to lure them here, given that most were newborns and hesitant to go far from the nest. But a few flaming barrels of pitch rolled directly into it convinced them otherwise.

Drawing them out had been a risky gambit, given what was contained within, but if the only way to gain access to Vlad was to spill blood, Kromlech would not have the blood of the innocent spoiled for his task.



OCD Girl – First Impressions


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