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A conglomerate of interests

Because it appears I like spending time with my wife that trying to please random strangers, here’s a roundup of stuff. Have a picture of Boris Johnson because (based on how many people still read my Harley Quinn BDSM post) SEO works.
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Page 100: Fire and the Fury


Did I make it past page one hundred? If I do, I will read the book to the end, no matter if it gets a lot worse. Then tell you why. Read more…

A handy guide to eating things…



…when you try to make life as difficult as possible to eat things. Read more…

There is a picture in the header to get your attention.

(1327 unread emails in my inbox)

This could be a good summary for my life. Read more…

Hollow Monsters

Monty Nero’s graphic novel in six parts is off to a thought-provoking start.

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The golden age of gaming?


Is it really as rosy as we think? Read more…

A farewell

This week someone passed away. They weren’t close to me but they were always supportive, loving and kind to someone I care a lot about. I am eternally grateful for this.

It means I can’t heap superlatives upon him, but from what I know of him, he was a quiet, humble man who was a loving father, a devoted husband and a great friend, especially during times of need.

I think in the end, that’s all that needs to be said. Sometimes the best people don’t need flowery dialogue spoken about them or inflated monologues that are more about the writer than the person. They just need to be remembered for who they were.

That says more.

RIP Shaun