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A good friend of mine is creating his own world using Age of Sigmar as a base.

Go check it out. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. Not to mention how great the models are!


A conglomerate of interests

Because it appears I like spending time with my wife that trying to please random strangers, here’s a roundup of stuff. Have a picture of Boris Johnson because (based on how many people still read my Harley Quinn BDSM post) SEO works.
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Page 100: Fire and the Fury


Did I make it past page one hundred? If I do, I will read the book to the end, no matter if it gets a lot worse. Then tell you why. Read more…

A handy guide to eating things…



…when you try to make life as difficult as possible to eat things. Read more…

There is a picture in the header to get your attention.

(1327 unread emails in my inbox)

This could be a good summary for my life. Read more…

Hollow Monsters

Monty Nero’s graphic novel in six parts is off to a thought-provoking start.

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The golden age of gaming?


Is it really as rosy as we think? Read more…