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Nerd Culture is Consumer Culture now.

The image used is From Our Valued Customers.

The image used is from Our Valued Customers.

Simon Pegg had a point. Read more…

The curious case of UK Conservatism


We’re an isolated shrine to events that happened over 100 years ago – is it any wonder the country voted Conservative in the recent general election? Read more…

The Shell Case is back!

If my somewhat low key mention of it a week or so on social media didn’t register – one of my favorite blogs is back from hiatus. The Shell Case was a place I admired even before I was able to write for it for a time and Phil Spurgeon is one of the nicest blokes around; a good chap in amongst the world of characters that is wargaming. Not that he needs me backing him of course – if you’ve been involved in, or read any, wargaming blogging in the past few years he’s been pretty influential.

Phil was the first editor I worked under and I owe him a lot for kicking my ass and making me a better writer. Though I’m not privy to all the events leading up to the hiatus that he mentions here, from what I do know, a lot of people (myself included) let him down. It’s why I’m glad to see him getting back on his feet and deciding to go back to essentials.

So if you like wargaming, or just good writing from a bloke who loves it, check out The Shell Case.

Human rights, the reintroduction of hanging and what we have lost


This worries me, as it indicates that the Conservatives had put motions in place before the election. To those who believe the lies about how the Human Rights act is protecting criminals and terrorists, go educate yourself, then get back to me.

As it is, once this is repealed, unless you are rich, we’re all pretty fucked.

Originally posted on Politics and Insights - kittysjones :

540695_532291630173703_1425159679_n (1)

Michael Gove, former Education Secretary, has been appointed Justice Secretary: he is now in charge of the Department for Justice. With this appointment, it is clear that Cameron has plans for potentially radical reform, and regards justice as an area that needs a seasoned, radicaland senior Tory politician to drive through changes that are likely to be controversial. Gove does have form.

Gove’s first task is to scrap the Human Rights Act, (HRA) which was the previous Labour government’s legislation designed to supplement the European Convention on Human Rights, it came into effect in 2000. The Act makes available a remedy for breach of Convention right without the need to go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

As I have previously reported, the rights protected by the Act are quite basic. They include the right to life, liberty and the right to a fair trial…

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We’re fucked. Now is the time for solidarity.


An important message for those not happy about the election results. Now is not the time for blame – it’s about making sure a community is formed that opposes what the Tories are selling, a society where everyone only cares for their own selfish interests and will kick everyone else to the curb.

Originally posted on Another angry woman:

We could talk about this election until the whole country falls into the sea as it rightly deserves, but there are more pressing things to address.

I hate to go all Sorting Hat on you, but things are probably going to get very bad, and we need to pull together. What we’re going to need is a lot of fucking solidarity to get through the next five years.

The real politics isn’t in the murderers at Westminster, but it’s the little things close to home, the things we need to do to survive, the things we shouldn’t have to.

Check in regularly with vulnerable people: those of us who are disabled, those who are migrants, the young and the elderly, those who find the means of survival ripped away. Resist, loudly, the lies and the blame thrown towards those of us who find ourselves suddenly much more open to attack…

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Why 7 May is the start and not the end


Now for (slightly more) serious political stuff, from people who made a great comic anthology about just trying to get more people to vote.

Originally posted on :

CoverWe’ve been writing about politics for six months now (thanks for sticking with us), in part to promote CROSS, but also because we’re real advocates of thinking about and participating in elections and politics more generally.

With the election just one day away, it seemed time for some final thoughts. So here we go:

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Politically Speaking


In the leadup to an election where there will be nothing but intensity, have a bit of light-hearted humour courtesy of a friend of mine, steve harris.

Originally posted on the planet harris blog:

So you're the new prime minister and you're going to form a coalition government with the dogs? So you’re the new prime minister and you’re going to form a coalition government with the dogs?

In the absence of having anything constructive to write about my own life today I thought it would be jolly smashing fun to present you with this comprehensive guide to what the prominent politicians involved in tomorrow’s General Election have been saying in the final run-up to polling day.

David Cameron: Now look, positive adjective, incorrect slur about who created the financial crash of 2008, positive adjective, statistical fudge concerning 5 years as lame duck PM, positive adjective, mud-slinging at Miliband, I once met a black man, positive adjective, something indeterminate about taxes, hangdog expression, resigned air of a man nobody likes enough to vote outright as the leader of the country.

Ed Miliband: Hi, steady gaze to camera, a few hours left to save the NHS, I’m not Gordon Brown, mild American…

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