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‘Saving’ Chaos Space Marines


Rumours of 40k’s 8th edition are starting to leak through, so let’s rehash this argument. Read more…

Marvel is the studio of ‘good enough’


This post: brought to you by a watching of Civil War

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Do we actually expect the cockwombles of the world to be nice?

The Wombles

Utter bellends

This is really just an excuse for me to swear a lot about the world’s tosspots.

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Darwyn Cooke (1962-2016)

Sad news indeed. The industry lost a great talent. Condolences to his family, who it sounds like didn’t have much time to come to grips with it.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Canadian cartoonist Darwyn Cooke has passed, less than a day after the world learned that he was battling aggressive cancer and had been moved to palliat…

Source: Darwyn Cooke (1962-2016)

Miniature companies – hire this man!


Never thought I would do this, but then I got blown out of the water at how impressive someone’s skills were. Read more…

That’ll do pig. That’ll do

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Nobody can save Games Workshop. Especially not you.


This is collective sound of the internet.

As it’s been nearly a year since Age of Sigmar has come out and Games Workshop’s yearly financials have been posted, it means I get to indulge in one of my favourite parts of the wargaming community; namely, observing armchair CEO’s discuss how to save the company. I’m here to ask why. Read more…


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