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The Robobt’s Voice is Dead. Long live The Robot’s Voice

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Never have truer words been spoken. RIP Topless Robot. I’ll never get the images out of my head you placed there – and I’m all the better for it.


This site owes its existence to one of the best and most entertaining Nerd Blogs on the web.

Way back in 2008, a small site called Topless Robot started up with Rob Briken. at the helm. It was a fun irreverent blog that poked fun at nerdy properties and interests, and over time it gained a pretty significant following.

The commenters there became online friends, and in one amazing case, they merged and bred and made a new life.

Three years ago, the torch was passed to Luke Y. Thompson who bravely weathered the usual voices from those who fear change to make Topless Robot his own. Over time the decision was made to change the name to The Robot’s Voice. This had the unexpected benefit of allowing people to freely browse at work and not look too embarrassed when discussing their favorite posts from their favorite site.

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Matching socks


Today I made a conscious decision to wear a matching pairs of socks. That’s kind of a big deal at the moment. Read more…

Talking of endings…

A few days ago I reposted a piece from one of my favorite blogs out there; a discussion on the myth that we deserve definitive endings or that they even exist. You can probably scroll down if you are reading this on this blogs front page and read it right now if you want. It’s far more profound than anything I will ever achieve. But I do want to discuss one definitive ending. Death. Read more…

The Sunday Sermon; The Myth of Endings.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Endings are something I have struggled with all my life. Its one of those issues where knowing the why doesn’t always help with the how. My childhood had a number of “disappearances” forced endings that left me feeling as if anything or anyone I cared about might crumble into dust at any time. Its caused me to prefer to disappear myself, often drifting away from a group or situation since the alternative is to allow myself to grow close enough to be, once again, abandoned.

When you assume that loosing what you care about is the default, loss takes on a different flavour. Its almost as if you live in a contradiction, waiting to be once more bereft whilst holding yourself back from the engagement and relationships which might cause you to be hurt again.

Its a lonely place, created out of loneliness. An emptiness that grows from the fear…

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OCD Girl – Be Prepared

Games Workshop behaving poorly towards the GCN? Don’t believe it.

downloadThe Gaming Club Network in the UK released a statement yesterday politely slamming Games Workshop and giving reasons for why they can no longer work with them. I’m calling bullshit on it. Read more…

Clarion voices

A really good idea. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like this?

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

I miss the Labour movement of my youth.

It was a Labour movement that debated ideas, that could inspire and lead, not follow.

Part of that Labour movement was an active press, and a world of ideas in which a plurality of voices competed for attention and space.

I find those voices now in the blogosphere, not in the clickbait obsessed world of the mainstream media. If we had more time, here at Cigar towers, we would curate more of those voices, but we have lives that require us to be more than just bloggers.

One of the voices I suspect both Jem and myself would amplify more regularly, if we could, is Stavvers. Not because I agree with everything she says, (although this resonates hugely with me) but because of the passion, commitment and intelligence with which she says it.

Stavvers is, simply, a very good writer and a…

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