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Braindroppings elsewhere.

This will start out pretty empty, but its basically a page where work I do will be posted, so I can keep a track of what I’m doing, what I’ve done and where I’m going at any given moment. Its broken up into sites because organisation makes me feel all nice inside.

If you like the look of the link, click it, read it and share it if you so would be so kind.


I pretty much review only comics for the runners of this American/Canadian site. Getting better all the time, though truth be told the layout still confuses me a bit.

Blunt Instruments

A site I helped found because I wanted to get back to basics on why I covered nerd and geek properties. It’s still developing but I see a bright future for it.


The first site that gave me a chance, its pretty nifty and one I like quite a lot. I do lots of odd pieces there and they have an enjoyable attitude towards profanity so check them out. Covers all things geeky.

Don’t Paint Like This!

An odd little creative hub that lets me work alongside someone a friend of mine I greatly respect. Expect artwork, creative writing and painting and modelling tips.


The Shell Case

Primarily a wargaming site they also do occasional other bits too. Phil’s a nice bloke which helps.

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