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A conglomerate of interests

December 17, 2018

Because it appears I like spending time with my wife that trying to please random strangers, here’s a roundup of stuff. Have a picture of Boris Johnson because (based on how many people still read my Harley Quinn BDSM post) SEO works.

(477 emails in my inbox)

For those who missed the post, here it is. Don’t worry, many more people have looked at it already. Many of them are probably perverts just like you. Just don’t look at work and get me into trouble, yeah?

-I’ve been thinking about how Brexit is some sort of country wide suicide pact for a while now. Even I’m thinking I just want it to happen to pull the plaster off. I mean, I don’t, but it would be nicer than making jokes about the stupidest things the Conservative Party could do, only for then a week later it to be the New Reality. With some synchronicity, Matt Fraction has been talking about it in his newsletter and has named Tories Jim Jones and the UK his Jonestown. There was even a high profile article about the white conservatives = suicide pact in the NY  Times in August, is what feels like a decade of events ago. So if that’s your jam, read it.

-I have a new place I’m writing at, Big Mek’s Garage, where so far I’ve spoken about how great Chaos is 40k is and extolled the virtues of being really lazy with painting your minis.

-I’ve gotten to the part where I realise why I don’t write on wordpress more. It’s UI seems to becoming more of a hindrance over time as it no longer can deal with adding bullet points in an intelligent way. If I didn’t spend so much time wondering if a semicolon will add several unasked for paragraphs, perhaps I would have saved the world by now. This is my TED talk.

-I’ve been catching up on my reading backlog. More thoughts to follow at a later date but so far if you are looking for some last min Christmas prezzie recommendations, I would go with Beautiful Canvas, coming from a team  including by Ryan K Lindsay and Sami Kivela– its as if Grant Morrison rediscovered how to meld the human part of his writing with his demand for excessive structuralism again and lost none of oddities.

-I’m keeping my eye on Sex Death Revolution from Black Mask. It’s a bit heavy on the  rules to start with, but it cleverly reveals there is a reason for it. It also has a narrative about a Trans person that doesn’t sideline them for a boring protagonist, so that’s the first in a while *side eyes all of the Big Two*.

-Talking of comics, I managed to go to the cinema at the weekend to watch three films, Aquaman, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. If you have to watch one, make it the Spiderman film – it’s doing some great things with the ideas of comic book films and I can see it being a sleeper hit discovered on streaming based on its current box office. Aquaman is a big, sloppy, dopey mess and if Spiderman isn’t on you should really watch it. Its quite something when a film goes for broke like it did . I can’t say the same for Fantastic Beasts 2 mind. It’s clear it should have been a book. The only thing I can say in its favour is that having not watched the first film, I now know what it must be like for non comic book people to watch a Marvel crossover film. Hopefully it gets better when paired with Fantastic Beasts 1.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a good Christmas. Hang on tight because next year is gonna be wild. You need to be around to see it.


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  1. Re WordPress, get yourself a Markdown editor. Then you can make bulletpoints easy. Some with post directly to WordPress too!

  2. Interesting as usual.

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