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A handy guide to eating things…

September 12, 2018



…when you try to make life as difficult as possible to eat things.

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In some sort of quest to extend my life/ vanity, the past few months have had me cut out the two things that are not just impacting my quality of life, but have been genuinely addictive – anything with added sugar and anything with caffeine in them. This combined with having a regular exercise routine has meant I’ve lost a few stone and don’t wake up everyday feeling like crap.

Now without getting preachy – just a few takeaways from these past few months:

-If possible, give up on processed food now. I had never really paid attention to what was in stuff until I had to avoid added sugar. Turns out that almost everything has sugar added to it. We truly are a nation addicted to it.

-Giving up on caffeine sucks to start with. Double for sugar. Now I’m mostly off both though, I can see how both have clearly fucked up my brain and my tastebuds.

-Did you know that stuff tastes really sweet once you give up added sugar? Seriously – cut that stuff out – your tongue will thank you later.

-Regular exercise (as long as you don’t have any conditions which may reduce its effectiveness) really does make you better and is far easier to get into the habit of than you would think. I’ve gone from no exercise to maybe 6 hours a week and I look and feel better than I have probably since I was a teenager (when 6 hours a week was my PE lessons). What were you going to do with that time anyway?

All of the above is pretty obvious when you look at it, but still, it was something I never actually did  – I’m a guy who could of got away with eating nothing but shit for the next few years and it still be ok. I took my body for granted, until it was giving me little hints like not being able to fit into clothes and vomiting. And I’m not perfect – walking past one of those stands that supermarkets put up to sell you crap (hell, being in a supermarket) is hard at times – and I don’t always hold out.

But stick at it even if you do fail, love yourself and keep yourself away from mirrors for a few months – then see how much you’ve changed when you next take a peek.

Top image from The Oatmeal – go check it out.

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  1. Thanks I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this

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