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++Self Indulgent Blog Post Incoming++

September 15, 2017

++Self Indulgent Blog Post Incoming++

I have not written for months. Which, as my self styled twitter bio notes I’m a freelance writer, seems counter productive to where I want to be and what I want to do with my life.

But the past few months I’ve been so caught up in other things that the hunger, the beast that is always there, calling from the lizard brain about how I need to sate my hunger by throwing words onto a page, has been silent. Or perhaps unconsciously ignored. I’ve gotten married*, to the most wonderful person I know and enjoyed that bliss.
Meanwhile, the beast has slipped in and out of the recesses of my mind, biding its time. Undermining a few certainties in my mind, whispering about how I’m not fulfilled without it. To the point of me being all over the place the past week, until the newly titled Mrs Redding-Morris-Jones had me sit down and figure out exactly what was up with my shit.

So now I write and it feels like a sigh of expulsion. A sign of relief onto which lets me go onto other things. At least I’ll have the time, now I’ve eliminated social media from my life for the most part (he says, eying his phone warily). If I’m not writing, well, that’s because I’ll be finding another way of scratching that particular creative itch.

++End of Self Indulgent Blog Post is. Wind down the siren. Go on with your lives++

*Sidebar – She’s Gone Away by Nine Inch Nails is now something I struggle to listen to. They say something happens to you psychologically after you get married or have children. I appear to be no exception.


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