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August 30, 2016

Artwork copyright of Games Workshop. I couldn’t find the artist responsible but post a comment and I’ll credit them.

Breaks refresh us. They certainly refresh me anyway.

Even for someone who is a quite avid workaholic to the point that I can easily burn myself out, breaks represent a chance to catch my breath, see new things and (hopefully) catch up with some friends.

Dancing Queen

A few days catching up with a man who is part friend, part brother I never had, followed by getting engaged to the woman of my dreams,  spending a week showing her my home town, my parents and walking everywhere recharged my batteries massively.

Now that I’m further up north (which to a southerner like me is anywhere past Avon ) exploring such places as Louth and Cleethorpes, with people who tell me all about the history of the the area, well…I’m positively buzzing.

Being the sort of person who is driven by the new, it’s my idea of heaven. Projects are falling out of the drawers and I’m enjoying all the energy that comes from persuing and completing them.

In fact, fingers crossed, by next year I’ll have a short out and published and be working on an anthology, along with a few other things that I can’t talk about right now (look through my post history though and you may find a few clues) that I’m simply humbled to be a part of.

I’m a bit rubbish at letting people know about these things, but if you follow me on Twitter (@reecemjones) I’ll try to share them when they are up.

Here’s to the future. Last time I typed those words my life fell twice. I’m hoping this time for better.

That’s all we can hope for in life.

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