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Pie cometh before a fall

June 4, 2016

Drunk and unconscious businessman lying on a counter – this is the actual description of the image. Wooooo!

Whatever happens, I’m drunk.

Drunks are bad and stuff. But if you are typing it,  it all counts as artistic development!

I’m happy. So I’m looking for the banana skins. The things that make me slip onto my face into a pie of schadenfreude.

But perhaps I should stop worrying and drink more.

Fuck y’all n stuff.

Stop getting so worried about everything. Stop letting people divide you up into manageable chunks of society. Talk to someone next to you who you never would normally. Don’t become a loner, sitting in his house on a Saturday night, smug at his own enjoyment and drunkenness.

I could go for some sort of larger point, but what’s the reason at the moment? Just fuck things up. Then throw pies at people. They always work well.


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