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That’ll do pig. That’ll do

May 4, 2016

An enjoyable arty* cutscene, a preview of the factions that are available (with top knot thrown in to indicate Chaos will show up) and a sort of solid thematic through line for our nameless marine.

All in all, for what could have just been a 10 second trailer with the words “Dawn of War 3, out soon” in it and it would have generated as much hype, its looks great, with lots of small details to admire.

My favourite part is this one second shot though.


That shot does more to convey that nature of Space Marines as engineered weapons programmed to find joy in war than most 40k fiction in the past decade.

Even if it won’t be reflected in the final game (unless DoW3 turns into the narrative based Inquisitor game I always wanted) it’s nice that included that. Made the trailer worth the time invested in it. Which is all you can ask for.

At least it wasn’t boring.

*In a music video sense of arty. A Zack Snyder artistic style if you will.


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