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How to get the perfect Dredd chin in three simple steps!

September 7, 2015


Have you ever wanted to look like a Manly Man? Performed I am the Law poses in your mirror? Just wanted to look even half as hard as Karl Urban? Well follow these simple steps and you will soon be intimidating friend and foe alike!

The first step is simple – grow a beard. Those unable to are advised to borrow other peoples’s beards, small furry animals or else fashion a papermache beard out of nearby materials.


Our model here. What a wuss – he’s even smiling! How un-Dreddy.

Next, you need to remove the part of the facial hair that is fascist. And not the good, Justice Department sanctioned fascism either!


The “anti-Hitler” in full effect. Now your beard is 100% less of a war criminal.

Then, confident you have removed unwanted elements from your face and reduced your chances of possession by a Dark Judge by 40%, remove the rest of your weak facial hair with clippers to leave the core elements of being a man; stubble.


Would still throw him in a iso-cube, but this citizen shows willing.

Last of all, and this is the most important step, think of the law in all its glory and dedicate several years of your life to justice at the Academy of Law. Then observe.


I am the Law!

You too can follow these tips and become the man people look up to. A protector of the citizens! Headbutter of perps! Upholder of the Law!

Bonus extra: For your pleasure the JJ Abrams take on Dredd. Shiny!WP_20150905_012


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