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The stony road from social democracy to nationalism

July 15, 2015

An interesting piece on the SNP and its history of flirting with being ‘Tartan Tories’, especially given the videos of Mhairi Black ‘s speech flying around social media.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

As a fully paid up member of the political classes, moving seamlessly from university to professional politics without ever passing through real life, Mhairi Black would probably recognise the name of Karl Kautsky. The disputes between Kautsky and Lenin over the role of nationalism and national interests versus internationalism are a staple of any left wing education. For a professional politician like Mhairi (she can hardly complain about the professional politician jibe – she used it against Douglas Alexander) such questions, of how it can be socialist to demand much higher levels of government subsidy for the hard working people of Berwickshire as opposed to the hard working people of Berwick upon Tweed (because of the Barnett formula) in the name of nationalism should be meat and drink.

You can’t have missed the chorus of Twitter love for Ms Black. Effortlessly, she has claimed for her party the mantle of…

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  1. All this politics makes my poor head hurt 😀

    • It is indeed a little dry. But it’s interesting to see people with long memories talking about the issues around the event a few days ago, one that was definitely designed to go viral online.

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