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Labour faces a dilemma: which way do we turn?

June 19, 2015

Its a thought that the Left always struggles with; do you push for the most progressive change all the time and take ages to get there (whilst many others suffer), or do you accept an easier path because it is viable and may lead to better things in the future?

That clash is at the heart of the current Labour leadership contest, but I haven’t seen it articulated as well as it is in this blog post.

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I’ve remained quite detached from the Labour leadership debates. I’ve seen an awful lot of infighting that saddens me, much of it has been fueled by what is now standardised mainstream media misinformation, misquotes and generally fiendish mischief-making. I’ve purposefully avoided getting caught in the crossfire.

Most of you already know my position on the matter – that whilst I think Jeremy Corbyn reflects my own values and principles most closely and has my support, I will continue to campaign from within the Labour Party for progressive change, regardless of who is leading. I will also continue to campaign to raise public awareness as best I can at a broader level, regarding key social issues.

I’ve said elsewhere that I have never regarded a Labour government as the end of our fight for progressive and positive change, but rather, as the only viable starting point.

I can respect other…

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