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The 90’s are Over Kevin Smith

June 9, 2015

It’s kind of true. His best years are behind him, but he has a niche American fanbase from his podcasting empire that has sustained him past the point of irrelevance.



“Clerks” was a highly successful 1994 film, made on a shoestring and loved by millions of people who could identify with the life of a low pad shop worker. It was and still is well loved and it recently made it into Empire’s  best movies of all time list. That’s all well and good however that’s probably where it should have ended. However it hasn’t ended as we now have two new movies (Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3) to further cash in on nostalgia.

It’s not that the other films in the universe were bad at all, I tolerate the view-askewniverse however what I don’t like is Clerks 2. Made years after the original and five years after the end of the view-askewniverse, Clerks 2 had many failings. It should have been ok because Rosario Dawson can fix anything but unfortunately she couldn’t save this soggy wreck. So many in…

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