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June 5, 2015


Have you ever had that moment in life where you have perfect clarity? Where ideas flow out of you and you seem to channel something more than yourself?

Having had a few, normally following a time where I have been in the moment, but also aware of that, what has followed has been a mad dash to grab a pen and paper to write the idea down. In those moments you can’t not do it – your mind seems to scream at you if you try to ignore it, as if by doing so you are ignoring a message from the universe itself. Though I’m an atheist myself, the times I’ve had them I class as deeply spiritual – you can see why people genuinely think they are receiving messages from above.

Those times, those frantic scrabbling times, are the easy bits. Though it is exhausting, it’s nowhere near as exhausting as trying to hammer out stuff you aren’t particularly enthused about, or that you can feel are just on the edge of getting better, but that lack that last killer touch.

Which is why I have many drafts. Pieces that I work on and tinker with as inspiration strikes, or that will never see the light of day, but that remain to remind me of a time or place. Someday I may even have no drafts at all. But then that doesn’t strike me as being what life is about.

Or not my life anyway.


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  1. Just chatting to Rhis housemate. Just finished Masters in creative writing. Up your street in future? Or no( as they say in North Devon?)

    • Probably not that exclusively, no. My brain tell me it would need to be mixed with something else, because my brain is odd.

  2. I like this piece a lot, it’s insightful and something I can relate to. Look forward to more of your writing, please.

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