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Human rights, the reintroduction of hanging and what we have lost

May 11, 2015

This worries me, as it indicates that the Conservatives had put motions in place before the election. To those who believe the lies about how the Human Rights act is protecting criminals and terrorists, go educate yourself, then get back to me.

As it is, once this is repealed, unless you are rich, we’re all pretty fucked.

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Michael Gove, former Education Secretary, has been appointed Justice Secretary: he is now in charge of the Department for Justice. With this appointment, it is clear that Cameron has plans for potentially radical reform, and regards justice as an area that needs a seasoned, radicaland senior Tory politician to drive through changes that are likely to be controversial. Gove does have form.

Gove’s first task is to scrap the Human Rights Act, (HRA) which was the previous Labour government’s legislation designed to supplement the European Convention on Human Rights, it came into effect in 2000. The Act makes available a remedy for breach of Convention right without the need to go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

As I have previously reported, the rights protected by the Act are quite basic. They include the right to life, liberty and the right to a fair trial…

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One Comment
  1. stevenharris permalink

    Can’t trust Gove an inch. This is a man who ignored the Freedom of Information Act in his last government post.

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