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The Kill Screen #1 Review

March 14, 2015

Whilst I’m away at LSCC, here’s a review of a UK indie comic, which lets face it, is a scene that doesn’t get enough coverage as it is. Helps it’s a good comic as well :p.

Mike Garley
Josh Sherwell
Michael Stock
Mike Garley Comics

Despite some grumblings amongst Daily Mail readers, videogaming is pretty much a common thing we all do these days. The current generation won’t have known a time without the internet, streaming services, iPads and the looming monolith that is the AAA games industry. In amongst that is the Zombie genre, which is it wasn’t undead already would have been flogged to death by now. Kill Screen takes both those ideas and fuses them to create one of the more fantastical post apocalyptic worlds I’ve seen in a while.

I’m being a little unfair when I say that Kill Screen is just another take on Zombies. Whilst you can feel some of Mike Garleys last work Dead Roots influencing Kill Screen, the characters live in a very different world. Set two years after ‘The Kill Screen Event’, humanity is left on the brink of extinction, with the remaining having to fight for survival in a deadly 8-bit world.

For all the elegant simplicity of Mike Garley’s script, its Josh Sherwell and Mike Stock’s work that are the breakout stars. Sherwell’s work is reminiscent of Cory Rydell’s with an added layer of grit and thanks to Stock’s lettering you really get a sense of inhabiting a world where the natural laws have broken down, replaced by the schizophrenic hyperactivity of the videogaming one instead.

From the infected themselves with their kaleidoscopic body parts, to the double page spread early on in the issue, you can really tell how much thought went into designing and realising the world the characters live in. That’s great, because when you are taken on a flight of fancy, you deserve the best.

Kill Screen delivers.

Cover image courtesy of Mike Garley


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