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Jaegir: Strigoi Review

March 3, 2015

Today’s post is all about a rather great one shot from 2000AD. I’m hoping one day we’ll get a sequel from Gordon Rennie.

Gordon Rennie
Simon Coleby

2000AD have been trying something new of late- the flagship UK comic has have been trying to make inroads to the US market for years and have realised that American comicbook readers are mostly unable (or unwilling) to deal with a comic that comes out weekly these days. Hence we get things like Brass Sun  or Jaegir; collections of their weekly strips put into single issues or ongoing series.

Jaegir is a spinoff from the Rogue Trooper comics, as we follow Kapitan-Inspector Atalia Jaegir, a part of the Nordland State Security Police who hunts down criminals and traitors to the Nordland Army. Assigned to hunt down an old friend who has succumbed to a disease inherent to the Nordland aristocracy, it brings up memories she would rather forget.

My exact words upon seeing the first page was “Holy shit this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”. Simon Coleby’s art is breathtaking, be it showcasing a castle in the wilderness or a war torn landscape. Everything is just slightly muted, with everything becoming crisp as night falls. I fear using too many superlatives will devalue what he’s done here. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.

Another good thing to mention is that people who wouldn’t know their Norts from their Southers can go in blind and still enjoy a good military sci-fi tale. Penned by Gordon Rennie, it’s self contained but it feels like it has so much potential to go anywhere it wants. It’s an efficient setup that quickly introduces us to Jaegir, her backstory and those in her life. She’s resourceful, determined, three dimensional. The action itself is clean and crisp, but weighted by characters interactions. It even has some humour in it, be it a black comedy rather than slapstick.

All in all it’s a damn fine comic and one anyone who is a fan of Rogue Trooper, Military Sci-Fi or just good comics in general will enjoy.

Image courtesy of Rebellion.


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