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It Came! #1 Review

February 28, 2015

A short one today, but as the entire collection was released recently I thought I would help raise it’s profile, via a review of #1 I did several years ago. It really is a good comic.

Writer:It Came Comic Cover
Dan Boultwood ‘Esq’.
Dan Boultwood ‘Esq’.
Russell Seal
Mark McKenzie, Steve White
Titan Comics

Billing itself as a lost B movie classic from the forgotten ‘Pinetree Studios’, It Came! has its’ tongue very firmly in cheek and is a laugh a minute riot. I think what helps the book is just how laser focused everything is on evoking and gently playing with the idea of 50’s B movies.

From the dialogue, to the art and stylised design of the comic (which is really something to behold), it’s akin to a something like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen mixed with the rapid fire pastiche humour of Pegg, Wright and Frost. A couple, one a graduate from Space University, stumble upon an alien invasion by the robot of the cover image. It’s really hard to describe the comic, as it’s less about the comic and more about the experience itself whilst reading the comic. Via the Titan Comics website, here’s a preview image, to help give you an idea.


It’s probably one of the most focused and all round brilliant comics I’ve read in a long time and it really filled me with joy whilst reading it, to see such a completely realised vision of what an creator wants to for their comic. Sure, it’s not high brow, but their neither was Hot Fuzz and we all know how that turned out.

Adding to Titan Comics’ rather amazing lineup, Dan Boultwood has once again managed to raise the bar on what I thought a new comics publisher would be capable of. A laugh-a-second B-movie blast from start to finish, get It Came! now, so in 5 years can say you were reading Dan Boultwood before he was cool.

Images courtesy of Titan Comics


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