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I am a second class citizen

February 26, 2015

A thinking point for those who in the UK – this is what is happening and it’s mostly happening with little to no media coverage.

If you disagree with it, how would you solve it?

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

I live in rural England, in a county where rural means formerly industrial, Around every corner there’s a former mine, or brewery or factory. What were once railway lines, the arteries of our economy, are now marketed as cycle paths for the leisure market. What were once busy bus routes, that replaced trains, are now either entirely gone or reduced to a subsidized skeleton.

Does that make me a second class citizen? Not exactly. I understand that a market economy means that there must be winners and losers, and that a Pareto distribution means there must be many more losers than winners.

However, that’s not my major concern. If I was a citizen who lives in London, I could elect a mayor with power to control and direct buses, trains and all other forms of public transport. Where I live I can only elect a local council who can plead…

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