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Chronos Commandos #1 review

February 23, 2015

Here’s a blast from the past. I think I wrote this close to two years ago at this point, back when I started writing for The Cult Den and when Titan were making inroads to the comic industry. Where does the time go?

Chronos Commandos #1


Stuart Jennett
Stuart Jennett
Donna Jennett
Titan Comics

For all the talk of how comics are growing as a medium and how they need to be “respectable” and “serious” now they have big Hollywood films based off of them, it’s quite refreshing to read something like Chronos Commandos. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some high concept meta textual comics, but alongside that I need my fill of Army guys killing Dinosaurs. That’s something Chronos Commandoes delivers in spades.

Arching back to the heyday of 2000AD comics, the first issue sees a squad of time travelling American G.I.s, led by “Sarge”, travel to the Cretaceous Era to foil the plots of Nazis who have gotten their hands on time travel technology. The comparisons to 2000AD are apt, as the artwork and story captures that very pulpy, punky energy of the ‘anything could happen’ era that permeated the first few years of the comic. In fact, add in a few text boxes and this could be slotted right into 2000AD or Sergeant Rock comic from 30 years ago and doubt anyone would notice.

That’s not a condemnation though. Despite the rather bare characterisation, (the squad is composed of Sarge, The Crazy One, The Newbie and The Black Guy) the story carries forward with the sheer momentum of how enjoyable a read it is. The episode packs plenty of action into its 36 pages and I found myself reaching the end of the issue without realising it and just wanting more, especially as the issue cliff hanger involves Albert Einstein fighting off Nazis.

Most importantly, the comic doesn’t take itself seriously. Sarge shrugs off the effects they may have on Time and Space as “Something the tech boys will figure out”. It frees the comic up to tell the story it wants to tell, without having to worry it will be burdened down by the causality problems that permeates a lot of time travel stories and lead to them being picked apart by fans.

If you want something that’s pulpy, doesn’t take itself seriously and is a joy to read from start to finish, I cannot recommend Chronos Commandos enough. Titan Comics seem to be trying to re-launch themselves at the moment in a market captivated with DC and Marvel and the ultra-violent thrills of Image. Chronos Commandoes provides a great entry point to what the Titan is all about.

Chronos Commandos is a strongly recommended read for me, which should be upgraded to a must buy if you are a fan of 2000AD .


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