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Nobody cares! *Celebrates*

October 31, 2014

So in starting to do something with this blog I’ve realised something. I don’t really have an audience for it. That’s pretty awesome!

With my time being increasingly monopoised by outlets that have a set style (which, don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem with at all) its nice to have a place that can not only be used for raw creativity, but which also allows me to write whatever the fuck I want and there will be zero blowback!

I mean sure- most of it will probably be in the vein of rambling ideas and vague stabs at social justice pieces*. For examples of that, see my last post on the death of Star Wars, somehow tied up in general socio economic blathering. That seems to be what I’m interested in at the moment.

But I can also ask heroes of mine for interviews knowing I have nothing to lose…post drunken song lyrics I write**… scream incoherently for five minuets and try to pass it off as an artistic statement…the ways of driving away any sort of audience I could have are limitless!



*in the ranks of Social Justice Warriors, my class is Cleric!

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