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The Day the Laughter Stopped

January 3, 2014

Just click the link. It will take you 5 minuets and teach you a whole lot. Perhaps you may even understand what is meant by the term Rape Culture if you don’t understand it already. Obviously, this means the game comes with Trigger Warnings for some, and the developer has pointed them out before you even click the start button for those who need to know to stop panic attacks or worse.

If people have problems with the ending or the nature of the gameplay, then read this post by the game developer. It will clear up a lot and stop you acting like a dick at the same time.

More than anything, this shows just how video games can offer unique experiences that can change how you perceive the world, using narratives that aren’t preachy in the way that other media tends to fall into a lot these days.

But most importantly, please just play it.



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