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New Year, New Start

January 3, 2014
Can I die yet?

Can I die yet?

Greetings etc and welcome to a new year. Feel refreshed yet?

Honestly, I feel knackered. I start a new job on Monday that I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep doing, as I’m moving with my partner to a place that means I would have to commute 2 hours a day each way to get to at £20 a day. Now if I was on 20K+, maybe. But as I’m not, fuck that. Will teach me for not sticking with uni I suppose.

But anyway, between frantic house hunting and viewing (with those fun 2 travel times that turn into 4 with Christmas time trains), me writing more than ever and trying to adjust to only having 4 hours sleep so I can work, write and find a new job, its been hectic. But I’m hopeful things will improve this year.

For a start, its time to start tacking my social anxiety, which means in crowds of more than 3 people I feel lost and disorientated without a prop of some sort and that means some days I can’t answer the phone.

Its time to get writing on track. I had a wonderful last half of 2013, what with being able to write for The Shell Case, Alywn Ash, Project Torchwood, Nerditis. Its been even better over at The Cult Den, where I got to make lots of great friends and somehow got made an editor. Theres also a boardgame I’m helping design and a book to write.

But I’ve also been slack. Thats been proved by me not overhauling the look of this place. Perhaps if I pay it enough attention, I can do just that.

That much to do and have a life too? I think its possible with proper planning.

So now its time to organise properly. Opportunities are arising this year that I would be a fool to miss out on. I’ll need to work really hard and push myself to do even better than I have ever done.

I always loved a challenge.

May 2014 be the best year yet.


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