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Fame at last! Sort of…

November 9, 2013


So, a weird thing happened. I reviewed a comic a few months ago when I started writing for the Cult Den (the date for the review says it was back in July, it seems like just yesterday). I quite liked it, as it played a really stupid premise completely straight. I chatted with the guys who wrote it on a few social networking sites. I mostly forgot about it to be honest.

Then today, whilst reading through a trade copy of Volume 1 of the series (I assume this means there will be a volume 2) I got to the back page and there was my something I had written, used as a quote and attributed to me.

As someone who’s never really courted fame or been into the writing thing for the purpose of self promotion, its really an odd thing to see. I’m not sure what to make of it. I mean, will this compromise me now? Will I be unconsciously writing in sentences that are short and punchier to try and get more back quotes? Who knows, but its fun to see that I still have First World Problems a few months into this writing lark.

Regardless, its nice to see that out of what I’m doing, someone has taken notice. So thanks for the honour of sticking my scrawlings on your picture book.

In general though, I’m not really a fan of Bluewater Comics. Most of their output is shitty and it sounds like they don’t treat their creative staff very well. But its an interesting discussion to have. Is it possible to have a line of comics that are pro feminism, pro gay rights and so on have worth because of the education potential they possess? Even if, by all standards I hold (bar the positive messages), they are terrible comics?

I’m not sure I know the answer to that question. I just know that the Whitney Houston biopic comic made me want to bleach my brain via my eyeballs. I guess if it means they can allow for comics like Jesus E. Lee and Liberator then it may be worth it.

But I also wonder if just my view of what constitutes comics is skewed irreparably by the current dominant American form, that of superheroes. They are really just a niche of a niche, that’s only getting so much attention because of the current Hollywood obsession with them.

I’m not sure myself. I’ve always viewed the superhero thing as a slight outsider, despite my liking of comics where people punch other people really hard. Perhaps its because I grew up with 2000AD and the Beano, which between them had more variety, vitality and originality of storytelling in them than superhero comics have had in close to 20 years.

The Beano also let me see early on, the way in which most comics, and stories in general, are inherently cyclical, so I was debased of that notion that comics have to be constantly bound by continuity if it sacrifices fun.

Where am I going with this? I’m not sure. I’m just saying I would rather read a comic where Jesus and Mary Magdalene fight in downtown city area with superpowers whilst a one armed man beats daemons to death in hell, over something as cynically calculated as Avengers vs X-men. Or hell, 90% of X-men comics these days, which as standard tend to treat their readers as if they have 25+ years of intimate knowledge about the (many, many) series. It bores me, because I don’t have the time for that shit anymore. Certainly now when the internet allows me to access a world of far more interesting comics at the tap of a few buttons.

At the end of it all, perhaps what I want when reading hilariously stupid and fun comics, is something thats got some love in it, over something  so cynically calculated. That’s all I can ask for. Love

That and a London cabbie mooning the corpses of daemons he just beat to death. Thats always a winner.


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