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Catching up

November 1, 2013

So in doing lots for others again this month, I managed to completely miss out on posting here. Well, fuck it.

Anyway, heres the things I’ve done this past month of note. Considering how much I’m writing for effectively free, I really need to dedicate some time to not only book writing, (that never ending battle) but getting paid for this, especially considering I’m being made redundant at the end of this year, so every penny helps batter away the bailiffs for a while . I’ve come to realise that I’m at least 50% more organised and professional than a lot of people I write for, even if that makes for dryer text, so perhaps that will help.

But I let you be the judge of that.


Things I did done this month

I explained why I feel the 9th Doctor, played by Christoper Eccleston, is under appreciated over at Project Torchwood.

A did a lot of things for the Cult Den, though most of it was behind the scenes. I still wrote tons too.  Not that its possible to find due to bloggers rather shit search engine. But its there anyway. Highlights include writing about Stephen King’s magnum opus The Dark Tower, visiting a con and enjoying it (you can see shots of me in real life, if you want the run the risk of seeing a pale white guy) and did a review of a book that had the author offering to buy me a pint for being honest.

In the spirit of Halloween, I did review of a Rob Zombie film that was actually good for Alwyn Ash and Movie Maker. Though structurally similar, theres enough differences to make it worth a visit to each. Though I was writing it whilst tired so my spelling and grammar is atrocious, thats no excuse. Still, interesting ramblings.

On a bad note, I also bid farewell to a long time friend, over him not being able to cope with any sort of discussion of his work that wasn’t glowering praise or supplication. Its a real shame and upset me a lot at the time. I’m someone who believes honesty is a trait thats so rare these days, it should be something you grapple onto with both hands if you find a friend willing to be that way, so I’m over it now (of course subtle honestly is even rarer). But I knew that person for a long time and stuck with him even when everyone else told to get the hell away, so it feels like there a big part of my life gone.

But on the upside, I actually had some time to spend with the other half, which was nice. We watched a bunch of Halloween films last night and carved our own pumpkin! In short, though they will develop into full posts in time, Halloween Resurrection (how did they get this so wrong?), Motocross Zombies From HELL (dull), Pandorum (dull but pretty) Doom (Karl Urban!) and Pontypool (really really good).

So, a fresh month. Lets see how it goes eh?

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