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When the law is privatised you signal the end of democracy – and the beginning of corruption – and that’s what the Tories are delivering

June 28, 2013

Its been a while, but if you are interested in politics in the UK, give this post a read. Its pretty infuriating really.

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!


Law is the foundation of a state. And the principle that all are equal before the law is the foundation of democracy.

The Guardian reports:

The Ministry of Justice’s budget of £6.8bn in 2014-15 will fall to £6.2bn the following year. Most of the savings appear to come from the courts. The news will dismay lawyers already fighting the latest round of legal aid cuts. That £220m saving in criminal legal aid is included in the chancellor’s figures. But a proposed saving of £200m in the costs of running the courts – through partial privatisation, efficiency savings or rises in legal fees – emerges for the first time. For more on this story either click on Guardian news or The Word

Street Democracy writes: The agenda has been slowly to reduce the freedoms now posed as a luxury rather than a right, to the unsuspecting public. A Tory institutional class war, our Government is fine tuning and I…

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