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So yeah…writing

June 3, 2013

Sorry to all those who have been expecting an update to my story Absolution. I’m just feeling slightly uninspired at the moment. Its like I know where I want to go with it (it ends in a wicked shootout in a house that acts as a redemptive arc for our power armored giant and a slightly interesting twist for Joshua) but can’t get there. So any help on that front would be appreciated.

Also, I went a little mad on one of my many up episodes a few weeks ago and promised my friend I would have a short book written by July. So I can keep to that I’m going to have to focus on that for the month. Which means for now, absolution is going on the shelf of ‘future writing stuff’.

See you soon.



So unless I get a flood of comments providing advice, rather than teasing you guys out about it I’m going to put it on the back burner for now.


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