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Good news and a challenge

May 27, 2013

Hey everyone. Time for my weeklyish update* as to what I’ve been up to.

  • The Shell Case have very kindly accepted my application to become a contributor. If wargaming is your thing, I would go check it out. Hopefully the first of my posts will be up now, though, as always I’m working on something big.
  • I’m still posting at Nerditis. I’ve foolishly decided to not only have a twice weekly news post, but also a weekly retro review of the show Heroes with a friend of mine Ian Austin. This is noticeably kicking my ass.
  • I’m super, psyched about the Man of Steel as Superman is probably one of my favorite superheroes.
  • Grant Morrison is getting closer to releasing Multiversity. I’m a little excited about this.
  • I discovered the Super Bunnyhop youtube channel. Their main content, lets play videos, aren’t really my thing, but the critical analysis they do are pretty spot on.

Well thats been my week. How was yours?

*the word weeklyish may imply these will be weekly. This will probably not happen.


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