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This calms me down

April 17, 2013

It probably shouldn’t, but listening to what is essentially a single minded blast of hate is actually quite relaxing. The song in point is Hetzjagd auf Nazis! (which translates roughtly as “Hunt Down the Nazis!” by Atari Teenage Riot.
Have a listen:

In fact I recommend you listen to quite a bit of their stuff if that song jived with you. Theres nothing that quite bludgens you over the head in the same way (though if theres a common theme to ATRs songs its their refreshing directness), but all of their songs in the original lineup have a very punky energy to them, with a real sense of unpredictability and experimentation to them.

Their first album was picked up by the Beastie Boys which led to their world wide renown and success before the band collapsed around the early 2000s due to the death of group member MC Carl Crack.

They reformed in the late 2000s and have put out some stuff, but its not quite to my taste. I always preferred it when Alex Empire was relegated to the background, but since he was the main driving force behind the reunion it was inevitable he would become the new face for a new generation.

Still, check them out. They were the mashup before people even knew what that was and the trail of experimental bands and groups they have influenced or been involved with is pretty unparalleled. Skilltrex owes a lot to them, even if hes using it to bludgeon the remainder of dubstep into oblivion.


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