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blah blah blah first world problems blah

April 17, 2013

Sorry for the absence again. I’m not very good at this whole continuous posting thing.

This is going to sound pathetic I know (first world problems and all) , but I really can’t get into the state of wanting to write anything deeply creative or profound. Sure, I’m chucking out a lot of things over at Nerditis, but that sort of a displacement activity.

With the recent UK news cycle being all over Margeret Thatcher like a particularly creepy molester, along with the government continuing her legacy (and more recently, the Boston bombing and the inevitable racist fallout) I’m finding I’m not really I’m a mood to write anything event mildly fun or happy, without dovetailing into a 4000 word rant on just how angry it all makes me. Whilst angry is good sometimes, I don’t want this page to be involved in that. You already have people in the news, ads; on Facebook or Twitter telling you 24/7 how to feel. I figure my readers don’t need one more voice.


So anyway, I’m doing a 2 part series reviewing the new Tau Empire codex over at nerditis. Part one is up. Part two coming soon.

Got a couple of interviews coming up with people. Which is cool.

The new Man of Steel trailer is great. Don’t you find it odd that a trailer for a superhero film that attempts to be aspirational is an rare thing in todays film landscape? And thank god- no BRAWWWWMs in sight.

I’ve been watching In The Flesh. It is good. Don’t be fooled by the twilightly visual style. The three part series has more to say in cultural integration, the treatment of the “other” in society and lots of other cool stuff than any recent show I’ve seen. Also, great performances all round. That the director got a good performance from Ricky Tomlinson speaks volumes as to how engaged everyone working on this was.

Been reading Twice Shy by an internet friend of mine Patrick Freivald. Again, a good twist on the zombie genre. Buy it here if you can, its dirt cheap

I promise more writing is on the way, just as soon as I figure out a way to get rid of this burning anger. Perhaps building an effigy of the Tory front bench and burning them may work. Pics if it happens.


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