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April 8, 2013

Feel free to ignore this, this is more of a note to allow my mind to unclutter by writing down an idea I had last night when all neurons were firing (as always, just before I go to bed because my brain is a sadistic motherfucker). Consider it a look into how my mind works as all of this came to my brain in under 10 seconds, zapped in a set of images and concepts.


Superhero world of the future- utopia but in a sort of brave new world way- super powers get taken away all of a sudden- how does a society react like that?

History of world
Everyone has superpowers due to unlocking of the human genome mid 21st C which discovered “buried” strands of DNA which activate superhuman powers, except for in the 10%, who can have injections to artificially produce the same effects. World peace established soon after the first two ‘superpowered wars’, which spanned 4 years and reshaped the world. Now one large organisation, mostly run by partialy self aware robotics to avoid any human judgement clouding things, though each continent has several representatives who meet to discuss matters that should arise.

The time entered into is about 15-20 years post the last war, so it looms over everything still, with individuals prevented from accumulating too much power individually. Different powers for everyone, though due to the technology involved people can add extra abilities as long as it can be shown it would be beneficial for society. Society itself is very care free. Hunger/poverty/want pretty much extinguished, though there is a small undercurrent of resentment from those who need to have their abilities ‘topped up’.

Technology has become orientated around the genome. Everything is keyed in to a person individually, or else in public responds to the detection of a genome. Some small pre war tech exists as back up in case those without a natural genome fail to get theirs implanted again before the prior one wears off. Increcingly marginalised and forgotten, to some resentment by the minority.

All of a sudden the entire system stops working when the gemone is removed from ever single person on earth. After the initial fallout (which would obviously be very traumatic) those without genomes are left in the unique position of being able to at least partially cope in a post powers world. At the same time, those who were born with powers are looking for the reason why.

End of the story may involve meta commentary on fans and the business of superheroes as revealed that the powers were gifted to people by an almost omnipresent being who thought granting the world powers would ‘be cool’ and was very entertained by the wars and was looking forward to what they did afterwards. After realised they would just stagnate and be peaceful the being ‘grew bored’ and so reset everything back to square one for its own amusement.


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