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Tau Unleashed: New Pics Leaked

March 26, 2013

Looking over at the Tykens Rift blog, it seems Tau are next on the horizon for GW, with some great pictures of the upcoming releases.

My great love in 40K is Tau, after the more background typical Chaos faction, partially because they were such a breath of fresh air and represented progress and development of the larger 40K universe.

Not all the models are to my taste, but then I wouldn’t expect them to be. I’m rather glad they have kept the chunky feel to the battle suits.

Though I’m not a large fan of GW business practices, they have managed their imaginary universes well and the current edition of books have been well balanced so far from what I have picked up and read.

Even if the new codices are a little unimaginative and the background included in the codices has either become thuddeningly repetitive or, even more scarily, has started treating the background rather seriously or as if it isn’t over the top enough already I’m still a fan of the IP they have created.

Anyway, if you are a fan of Tau

Tau Unleashed: New Pics Leaked.


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