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Absolution part 2

March 26, 2013

Heres the continuation of a story I started in this post, which is based in the 40K universe.

This time, we get to see more of Joshua.

Joshua was an only child. It suited him well. He never knew him mother and his father was an distant figure, glimpsed occasionally in between the succession of servitors and nannies that had served as surrogates. His life had been uneventful but privileged and when his father passed away, he had been all too happy to cede control of his father corporation in return for being left alone. In the end he and the Corporation reached a compromise. He was in charge of keeping his farm running at a profit and in return the Corporation kept everyone else out.

Slowly, Joshua cut himself off from the world. He maintained servitors #1-18 working well and in return he gave what he harvested to the administration to help pay off the debts he owed the Corporation for letting him keep the farm and for the protection they provided.

Which is why when servitors 5 and 6 stopped responding, he was curious. Which was an odd feeling, because Joshua had never had much to be curious about.

Mounting his hover bike he set off to set off for the north east of the farm and was quite surprised when a knife the size of his arm buried itself in his windscreen. The impact threw him backwards, saving his life. The knife was not nearly so lucky. It buried itself in the shatterglass and momentum carried it onwards, yanking the knife and the bike into a jerky spin off into the dirt.

Pulling himself to his feet, Joshua looked around to see where his assailant was. The knife had come out of nowhere, but between the familiar noise of the bike engine and its crash were an odd jumble of sounds. The cracking noise he figured was the knife and following it was the sound of a crash, something he was all too familiar with. In between though…there was a buzzing in the air and a drone noise, halfway between a vehicle engine and a heavy vehicle, along with the whirring of servos mixed in.

Joshua went over to examine where the bike had crashed. Written off now. Something extra to add to what he owed. Then he noticed tracks following off from the wreakage. The knife was gone.


So what did you think? Comments are always appreciated as I want to improve as a writer, not become the sort of special snowflake the writes horrible prose and yet somehow has bestselling books. Though of course, I wouldn’t object.


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