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Absolution in an idea

March 14, 2013

Heres something I’ve been working on. Its mainly based in and around the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but its the more interesting one explored by the Black Library, the Inqusitor game and Fantasy Flight, which I think capture the more real, darkly satirical world the 40K universe started as rather than the grimdark universe it has become.

On the blue green planet Azani, Benoni ran. His lungs burned from lack of oxygen and though he knew he needed to stop, his pursuers would not give him that luxury. He knew many things now. Things he would have called himself incapable of knowing at one time. Fear. Despair. Defeat. They had all melded into one behind his exhaustion ever since…ever since…

The snarl of an engine brought him out of his reverie, his catalepsean node reawakening the half of his mind that been sleeping. He was on a road, his pursuers near. He drew his combat knife. No point in letting them know how close they were here until he had a way off this planet. Benoni positioned himself around a blind corner and as the vehicle came into strking distance he swung his knife in a practiced arc.

That was how Benoni found Joshua.

I plan to carry on writing this a bits come to me or I find the time to carry on with it.

What are your thoughts? Do let me know. Or not. Your call.


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