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February 20, 2013

So…. I’m aware I’ve not really done anything with this place yet. Part of it is due to it still feeling odd that I’m adding my thoughts to a page on the internet, the rest is all work commitments and me trying to balance the work/learning balance I’ve found myself in. Add in large dollop of procrastination and I’ve done sod all. Oh, and I’m doing things over at Nerditis, mostly behind the scenes.

Anyway, this is what I’m working on creatively at the moment.

  • I’m painting some Word Bearers so I can once more engage in table top gaming on more than just a semi regular experience. Once a week would be nice. I went back to see the folks before Christmas and just walking in my old gaming club and playing Infinity really fired me up again.
  • Working on a short story about a fallen space marine being perused by his brothers, who comes across a human very like him, and it brings about a change in him, seeing what people have become.
  • Trying to figure out what it is about Anime I just don’t like then being able to articulate that without coming across as an ignorant snob.
  • Mentally editing and proof reading the many, many science fiction books I go through. Its rich coming from me as I still get ‘or’ and ‘of’ confused when typing them in a rush, but its relaxing in a way.

Anyway, see you soon. Or not. Your call.


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